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Williamstown Chiropractors

Greer Watson,
Williamstown Chiropractor

Dr. Greer Watson – Chiropractor

Dedicated to the Enhancement of Your Health and Well-being

I am exceeding lucky to have been passed the reins from Dr Peter McGlynn who served the Williamstown community for over 27 years. I passionately love being a Chiropractor and it gives me great joy to see the beneficial changes Chiropractic Care can have on people’s health.

I graduated from RMIT University in 2004 and since then have practiced in several clinic both here in Melbourne but also overseas in Cork, Ireland.


Passionate about adjusting not only individuals but also whole families.

I have completed several postgraduate studies and am one of only a handful of board certified practitioners to have obtained a Diplomate in Chiropractic Paediatrics (DICCP). This expands my knowledge and care to infants and children and also extends into Chiropractic care for pregnant and post-natal women. I am also a an advanced qualified S.O.T practitioner and currently sit on the Board for SOTO Australasia .


Peter McGlynn,
Williamstown Chiropractor

Dr. Peter McGlynn – Chiropractor

Dr. Peter McGlynn has enjoyed providing high quality healthcare in Williamstown for many years and and blends gentle chiropractic with S.O.T, functional neurology, nutrition, exercise, rehabilitation and public health. Optimum physical performance relies on optimum physical, nutritional and emotional health.

He has a passion for improving health both at an individual and community level, both here and internationally. He has numerous postgraduate qualifications including a PhD in Public Health at Monash University. Peter is also a sitting board member of AICE Wellbeing & Lifestyle Medicine Clinicial Practice Group.


Dr Dillon Farrell

Dr Dillon Farrell,
Williamstown Chiropractor

Dr Dillon Farrell – Chiropractor

I am grateful to be part of the team at Williamstown Chiropractic Health Group since 2019. After graduating with distinction from RMIT in 2011 I have worked in rural setting in Victoria and abroad in Ireland.   I have completed further training in paediatric care, SOT technique, extremity joint adjusting and neurologically based chiropractic care.

My goal through care is to to help you heal and recover as quickly as possible while identifying and improving any imbalances in you body to actively help you maintain your health and perform at your best into the future.

I have always lived an active lifestyle, playing many sports with a recently focusing on golf and long distance and trail running. I have a passion for working with sports people and athletes of all differing ages, abilities and pursuits.

I am proud to serve and contribute to the health and wellbeing of the local area and value the close knit community spirit that working in Williamstown offers.  I love working with people from all walks of life and look forward to working with you to help you achieve your health goals..



Dr Jenny Coghlan,
Williamstown Chiropractor

Dr Jenny Coghlan

I love helping people during all stages of life to function at their best.

Since graduating from RMIT university in 2005, I have been fortunate to gain experience working in many different practice settings around Australia and overseas in Ireland. This includes pregnancy & paediatric care, functional neurology, sports rehab, and family focussed practices that provide chiropractic care for people of all ages.

I have continued to further my education and completed various post graduate courses in the areas of stress, nutrition, functional neurology and lifestyle interventions.

My practice style is integrative and collaborative. I combine chiropractic care with a lifestyle and neuro-rehab focus. This can involve working together with other healthcare practitioners in order to get the best outcome for you to achieve your health goals.

To me, how well we function comes down to having a happy balance to 2 fundamental areas:

  1. What’s happening within us (our cellular environment & neurology)
  2. What we’re surrounded by on a daily basis (our external environment & lifestyle)


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