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Aprille McMahon - BSc (Nutrition)

Aprille McMahon – BSc (Nutrition)

Aprille McMahon – BSc (Nutrition)

I am a qualified nutritionist with a BSc in Nutrition. I am also a qualified teacher with experience in the primary, secondary and TAFE sectors. I returned to study about 11 years ago to pursue my interest in nutrition after realising how influential food is on how we feel every day.

I still love to teach and in the clinic I can combine my 2 passions – educating people about good health.

My approach to nutrition is a focus on wellness and real food. I take people’s individual goals and lifestyle into account and then teach them what they can do to achieve their short term and long term health outcomes. My belief is that what we do most of the time is what counts. I help people to realise that eating well and feeling great is realistic and sustainable. I take away the idea that someone is on a diet, because a diet has a beginning and an end and the desire for good health and ageing well, is ongoing.

When I speak of ‘real food’ I’m referring (for the most part) to things that we can look out the window and see growing, grazing or swimming. This approach encourages a style of eating that is free of processed foods (most of the time) and includes low glycemic index foods.

In addition to general wellness I help clients to deal with issues including: IBS and its multiple causes, weight management, PCOS, mood stabilisation, sports nutrition, inflammation, immune function, gut health, menopause, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and acne as well as how to manage the impact of food on ASD and ADHD.

I also give nutrition presentations to community groups and more recently I have begun offering supermarket education tours.

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