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Regular Visits at Williamstown Chiropractic

An Enjoyable Place to Relax

Our reception area is an enjoyable place to relax before your appointment and there is plenty of current reading material and health and community information available.

A regular visit usually often only takes 10-15 minutes as you progress through care and your schedule has been discussed. Sometimes an extended visit may be scheduled for a particular procedure and in this case, an extra 15-20 minutes may be required.

Progressive Examinations

We regularly review your case and monitor your progress against your goals. As we work towards your desired outcomes, you decide when to cease care at which time we close your file until you need us again.

Ongoing Care

Many people opt for an ongoing plan of regular checkups. It’s all up to you! Your plan of management and the specific details of this will be discussed and reviewed with your practitioner on a regular basis.

Ready to get started? Please call to arrange a time so that we may meet you and discuss your particular health issue.



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