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Williamstown Chiropractors :: First Visit

Make Yourself At Home

our reception area

As with all first consultations we will need to get to know you and understand your issue in depth.

Upon completion of our health questionnaire, you will meet your practitioner to discuss your individual health needs, the preceding history, and an explanation of the role they can provide in your healthcare. This will be followed by a thorough clinical examination to determine your needs and how we may best assist you to achieve the results you desire.  Once this is done you and your practitioner will discuss the next steps. That may involve treatment if you and the practitioner think this is the best course of action. It may also involved a referral for additional tests like Xrays or to another practitioner if that is whats best for your concern. Our goal is always to get the best outcome for you, and this first consultation is all about working out what this will be.




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